Malvasia passito Danza del Sole

The aromatic Malvasia of Candia is the queen of white grapes of our territory. Exceptional in the vineyard, it produces sparse clusters with a thick skin. It is among the varieties most resistant to fungal infections. Here too we work with low yields practicing thinning out on overly productive branches. Since 2004 Passito has been produced. We begin the harvest by selecting the grapes, we collect only the bunches with golden berries, which indicates the correct ripeness. After harvesting, the grapes are placed in the sun from ten to twenty days. The pressing takes place in a vertical press where, with great patience, we are able to extract all the juice left in each grape; fermentation is very long and stops naturally with the arrival of winter cold. We refine the wine in an oak tonneaux. Malvasia lends itself very well to this type of winemaking, thanks to the terpenes present in this variety, responsible for fragrances and aromas that are unmistakable. What we are looking for in our Passito is the right balance, a good relationship between alcohol, sugar and acidity that allows us to obtain a fresh and drinkable wine.

Malvasia aromatica di Candia 100%
handpicked in a 5 kg box
tonneaux for 2 years

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